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          Added value for society

          The chemical industry is an important part of society, creating  value for stakeholders and working to address societal challenges. For long-term sustainability,  we need to know the drivers of sustainable value creation and the impact of our actions - both positive and negative – and manage them actively and consciously. Added Value is about the impact we achieve inside and outside of the company, and is a concept that helps guide us down a path to value creation for our company and all of society.

          The impact assessment helps us to better understand where and to what extent value is created or reduced by our activities. With our product portfolio evaluation and the analysis of sustainable development goals (SDG), we go beyond to demonstrate social contributions of our products and initiatives.

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          Impact Valuation

          Through impact assessment, we can increase our competitiveness and create value.
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          Product Portfolio Assessment

          Comprehensive analysis of our product portfolio on the basis of sustainable criteria. 
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          Sustainable Development Goals

          LANXESS supports Agenda 2030 for sustainable development.
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          Circular Economy

          Supporting the transformation of the society towards a sustainable, resource efficient and carbon neutral economy
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          In an increasingly volatile political and economic environment, values-based, responsible and reliable business conduct is more important than ever before. 

          Sebastian Röhrig

          Head of Corporate Responsibility

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