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          Thinking and acting sustainably and in an integrated manner supports our business goals in a variety of different ways – from higher resource efficiency to good relationships with our stakeholders, increased risk awareness, and permanently advantageous cost structures. However, the quality of our company is not expressed merely in business success. It is also demonstrated by the social impact of our entrepreneurial activities. Our facilities, locations, and products must have a measurable, sustainable benefit for the community. This principle is the starting point for our thought and action.

          Our guiding principle:

          Good for business, good for society.

          We act according to the motto "Good for business, good for community." This is based on the conviction that with our products and our expertise in the field of sustainable development, we can make important contributions: supporting our customers, protecting the environment and improving the quality of life of all people. In this way, we create sustainable value for all stakeholders. And we remain a sustainable company.

          Stakeholder Dialogue

          In addition to our internal evaluation, the dialogue with our Stakeholders forms the basis for determining the key sustainability issues for LANXESS. These are shown in our materiality overview.



          The fields of action of the LANXESS Materiality Overview are again the basis for concrete goals of our sustainable development.

          Materiality topics overview E.png


          Concrete goals for the sustainable development of LANXESS.

          CR Ziel__gesamt_ENG.png
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          Sebastian Röhrig

          Head of Corporate Responsibility

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