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          Products and Solutions Overview

          Our core business is the development, manufacturing and marketing of chemical intermediates, additives, specialty chemicals and plastics. On the following pages you can find detailed information about the LANXESS product range.
          The responsibilities for the operational business of LANXESS are borne by the business units which are grouped into the segments Engineering Materials, Advanced Intermediates, Consumer Protection and Specialty Additives.

          Focus Topics

          More about our flame retardants AdobeStock_41331486.jpeg

          Flame Retardants

          Flame retardants play an important role in fire prevention and suppression. Strict fire safety standards reduce the detrimental impact of fires on people, property, and the environment.

          Therefore we offer high-performing phoshphorus- and bromine-based Flame Retardants.
          New Mobility Solutions AdobeStock_44662907.jpeg

          New Mobility

          Environmentally friendly forms of mobility are necessary for our future. Our High-Performance plastics Durethan?, Pocan? and Tepex? are lightweight solutions for future forms of mobility. 

          But these thermoplastic components are also used in the electrical and electronic industries.
          More about Digitization AdobeStock_105318178.jpeg


          We believe that digital transformation will change the chemical industry. For our workforce, new technologies simplify our work and we have more scope and time for value-adding activities.

          Overview of LANXESS Brand Pages

          Go to Bayferrox Brand Page Bayferrox iron oxide and chromium oxide pigments


          Our business unit Inorganic Pigments provides a broad range of synthetic inorganic pigments. The iron and chromium oxides are avaliable in red, yellow, green, brown and black and many shades in between.
          Go to Lewatit Brand Page Ion exchangers of the Business Unit LPT


          Lewatit? ion exchange resins and adsorbers are used in numerous industries to treat and purify water and other liquid media. In addition, LANXESS offers a range of Bayoxide? iron oxide adsorbers for water treatment applications.
          Go to Pocan Brand Page 2_LXS-IMG_Parkbremse.jpg


          Pocan? is the new LANXESS trade name for our polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) grades and its blends. Pocan? is the answer to your performance challenges.
          Go to Rely on Brand Page Application of the disinfectant Rely+On Virkon


          Rely+On? - effective disinfection is essential to prevent and control disease outbreaks. With our strong brands Rely+On? Virkon? and Rely+On? PeraSafe? we ensure safety in various environments.
          Go to Virkon Brand Page Virkon_spraying poultry barn.jpg


          Virkon? is our product range for reliable disinfectants and cleaners for animal health. Virkon? helps to prevent and control disease outbreaks.
          Trade Fair Calendar AdobeStock_139732130.jpeg

          Exhibition Overview

          We showcase our latest products and solutions at various exhibitions worldwide. We would be happy to welcome you at our booth.
          Landing Page AdobeStock_222581043.jpeg

          LANXESS to become climate neutral

          We want to become climate-neutral by 2040. To achieve this, we have developed a clear strategy and have already launched the first major projects. With this new goal, we are building on our established and successful commitment to climate protection.

          Press Releases


          LANXESS pigments transform sculpture into a colorful star

          ?ffentlicher Platz in Augusburg, Deutschland, bestehend aus Beton-Kuben eingef?rbt mit Bayferrox Pigmenten

          LANXESS acquires biocides specialist INTACE

          To determine the efficacy of biocidal products, different samples are examined under the microscope.

          Hard on germs in hard seltzer

          The Velcorin technology from LANXESS stabilizes trendy drink efficiently and reliably. Cold sterilization makes it impossible for yeast, mold or bacteria to impair the shelf life and taste of these hip drinks.

          LANXESS aims to acquire disinfection and hygiene solutions provider Theseo


          Replacing clipboards with tablets

          Industrial engineers working in recycling plant with tablet

          Juliane Oehlert

          Head of Market & Brand Communications

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