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          Leather is a natural material - durable and highly resilient. At the same time, leather has to be flexible enough to meet the ever-changing fashion trends, areas of application and performance characteristics - a high demand on manufacturers and suppliers. To meet these requirements, the LANXESS Leather business unit, as the innovation leader in sustainability, offers a complete portfolio for processing from raw hide to finished leather.

          In order to master these challenges, we develop innovative and sustainable solutions in close cooperation with our customers and partners. We pursue a holistic approach that goes far beyond just chemicals. For example, our customers can save water and energy by optimizing production processes. Through intelligent product combinations, the finished leather can be protected against soiling, so that it remains beautiful longer, and is not thrown away prematurely. Our solutions meet the latest requirements of industry and the environment. We are pioneers in the elimination of hazardous substances in our chemicals (certified by ZDHC = Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals: eliminate hazardous substances from production).

          Synthetic materials with high-quality surface properties are also used in many applications - often in combination with genuine leather. LANXESS Leather also offers customized system solutions to give synthetic substrates the required technical and aesthetic properties of natural leather.


          Our Business Unit in figures 

          Hero Brands

          • Peltec®
          • Tanigan®
          • Aquaderm®
          • Pellart®

          At leather.www.seozac.com.cn you find more of our products.


          The comprehensive product range for the so-called beamhouse process - soaking, liming, deliming and pickling - is marketed by LANXESS under the name Peltec?. It includes all the products of the "Green Beamhouse Toolbox" - a product portfolio that enables the tanner to modularly improve the various critical waste water values and at the same time improve the leather quality.


          We are a leading manufacturer of synthetic organic tanning agents with excellent fastness properties for both tanning and retanning. These synthetic tanning agents, sold under the brand name Tanigan?, are used for the production of all types of leather, from soft garment leather to firm upper leather. General advantages include improved heat yellowing resistance and light fastness.


          The portfolio of finishing products ensures that all types of tanned leather can be transformed into fashionable and technically sophisticated leather. Our various products can be combined as required to achieve the desired surface finish, color, weather resistance, light stability and wear resistance. Our Aquaderm? product range includes aqueous binders, dyes and other auxiliaries such as crosslinkers, flow agents, silicones and anti-soiling agents.


          The Pellart? portfolio is a modular system of coating systems for the production of high-quality surfaces for customers who process other substrate materials in addition to or instead of leather. To make it as easy as possible for customers to design and process substrate surfaces, we offer individually developed system solutions that are ready for immediate use. Applications for such coatings are, for example, vehicle interiors - surfaces of instrument panels, seats or door panels. Pellart? products effectively support the high technical requirements for haptics, gloss level, temperature and abrasion resistance, combined with the lowest possible concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOC).


          We stand for sustainability

          Our Sustainable Leather Management? initiative encompasses and extends the entire life cycle of leather by improving its properties in terms of sustainability during and after use. LANXESS Leather products and processes can help to save processing costs and time, recycling costs and effort, as well as energy, water and raw materials.

          Circular economy should be the main driver for a sustainable path. For this reason, "Circular Process Design" and "Biomimetic Principles" form the basis for new developments. In close cooperation with the research institute INVITE, we have developed a technology for recycling leather shavings (waste products) in leather production.

          The modular "ReeL" plant, which was awarded the Innovation Prize 2019 by the VCI, makes it possible to produce Levotan? X-Biomer retanning agents from leather waste and vegetable biomass. In this way, a tannery can produce part of its own requirements of retanning materials fully automatically and largely independently on site.

          ReeL Video


          ReeL makes it possible to produce Levotan? X-Biomer retanning agents from leather waste and plant biomass

          Learn more with LANXESS Leather Videos

          Watch on YoutTube

          Video 1

          New sustainability in the tanning process: "Resource-efficient manufacturing of leather chemicals" (ReeL). We are working with the research institute INVITE to develop a modular pilot plant.
          Watch on YouTube

          Video 2

          LANXESS X-Zyme Beamhouse, the enzyme technology for soaking and unhairing pelts achieving the increasing quality and sustainability industry demands.
          Watch on YouTube

          Video 3

          For the wet white-leather production we had developed its organic tanning system X-Tan?. It overcomes current limitations of traditional wet white processes by combining top leather quality with economic and ecological advantages.



          LANXESS starts series production of modular X-Biomer plants

          August 28, 2020

          LANXESS to sell organic leather chemicals business to TFL

          August 13, 2020
          LXS-IMG_IILF_Stand 2020.JPG

          New products for India´s leather industry

          January 20, 2020

          Rodrigo Henriquez

          Initiatives & BU Coordination Market & Brand COM

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