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          Business Units

          The responsibilities for the operational business of LANXESS are borne by the business units which are grouped into the segments Engineering Materials, Advanced Intermediates, Consumer Protection and Specialty Additives.
          Advanced Industrial Intermediates AdobeStock_158535018.jpeg

          Advanced Industrial Intermediates

          High-quality basic and fine chemicals enable innovative products
          High Performance Materials Lanxess_ret18_03.tif

          High Performance Materials

          Products that meet the highest demands
          Inorganic Pigments _DSC3941.jpg

          Inorganic Pigments

          Colors for all facets of life
          Leather AdobeStock_141643964.jpeg


          System solutions for the leather industry
          Liquid Purification Technologies AdobeStock_12379048.jpeg

          Liquid Purification Technologies

          Water – an indispensable resource
          Lubricant Additives Business AdobeStock_94995605.jpeg

          Lubricant Additives Business

          Well lubricatedand high performing
          Material Protection Products AdobeStock_33881444.jpeg

          Material Protection Products

          Protecting material
          Polymer Additives AdobeStock_4435361.jpeg

          Polymer Additives

          Rhein Chemie AdobeStock_56832188.jpeg

          Rhein Chemie

          Business lines for rubber, paints, and plastics
          Saltigo AdobeStock_53019979.jpeg


          The specialist for Custom Manufacturing
          Urethane Systems AdobeStock_41057759.jpeg

          Urethane Systems

          Polyurethanes for all areas – and every customer
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